Automated machine learning & data science interviews

With the AdaptiLab Code Screen.

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The only live coding screen for machine learning and data science interviews.

Customized interviews for your use case

Questions and challenges developed by a team of industry experts.

Tests are individually tailored to your specific job descriptions.

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Evaluates the the five core industry competencies:

  1. Data Preprocessing
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Data Mining
  4. General Machine Learning
  5. Programming Ability
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Designed for the full technical interview process

Featuring a preliminary live technical coding challenge and a followup take-home project with a curated dataset relevant to your domain.

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Improve your hiring pipeline and save time doing it


Reclaim Engineering Time

Reclaim your engineers' time with a fully automated preliminary code screen


Improve Your Funnel Quality

Improve the quality of your funnel by surfacing top performers and diamonds in the rough


Skillset Alignment

Reduce churn by only testing candidates on realistic challenges relevant to your roles


At-a-glance Analytics

Gain insight into your candidate pool with score comparisons, actual code and performance breakdowns in our dashboards

Surpass the whiteboard ML interview

"Good candidates will expect an ML-specific process - not a software engineering whiteboard challenge"

AdaptiLab Code Screens are designed to mimic the typical machine learning workflow so top talent takes your brand seriously

Candidates love our automatic post-test feedback report - they'll love you too.

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